What is My Movies?
My Movies was a conceptual design for an interview test for a movies app that could use geo-location to find information about cinemas in your area, show what movies were showing, times, ratings and reviews and the ability to book tickets directly in the app. 

The Brief
The brief was to design wireframes and a supporting visual design for 2 screens to give the potential employers a taste for how the app might look and feel. The two flows to be designed were for the movie search feature and how a selected movie might be displayed and what UX/UI features could be incorporated to enhance the experience. 

My Role
Lead digital designer and UX designer.

The Solution
I created a modern, clean identity and visual design including colours, iconography, typography and the general look and feel. I incorporated advanced UX features to help users search, filter and sort for movies. I also included a rating systems and an advanced breakdown of each selected movie with the possibility to invite friends to join within the app.
The Tools
Adobe XD, Sketch, Photoshop and Illustrator

The Result
The designs were very well received for the interview test and got me into the final interview stage.
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